Friday, July 25, 2014

Warning to Ring Makers. Your photos are being used by others, as their own!

         I received an email earlier this evening, July 24th 2014 about my ring photos being used by a man named WES KEENAN as HIS OWN to raise money on Kick Starter. He is not only using O'Shea Coin Rings work, but OTHER ring makers as well! He is using work and photos by Spiritual Flyer, Uncommon Goods and the Coin Smith, claiming it as his own work. This is extremely upsetting to me. As you all know. I put my soul and life into these hand-made rings. It's my blood, sweat, heart and tears in this. Not his.  I am still in a state of shock that this man would take images of others work and pretend he is a ring maker, showing others, pieces of our art, and claiming its his own and conning good people out of money for a project he obviously has ZERO skill in. And believe me, he as zero skill.  It's even in his Facebook Ring Portfolio, right next to others work. I will post a copy of that under the screen shots of kickstarter below. 
Below is the link to his kickstarter page. The first thing you will see, is my 1881 Morgan dollar coin ring, that I made on August 17th of 2012 and have since used in my headers to my blog, facebook, youtube and website. 
PLEASE Help by reporting this fundraiser to kickstarter! Its nearly 4 grand now. Well past the amount he wanted to raise. He is just in it for the money.
AND IF YOU KNOW MY WORK, ESPECIALLY MY TRADE MARK MORGAN DOLLAR or Any of the other work he has posted. 


I am reposting my photos of my 1881 piece with a big ugly text across them, as I am taking legal action. I can't let it slide this time. I can't. Its the 3rd time an incident of cyber theft of my intellectual work has been knicked.
    The Morgan dollar he is showing as his own, looks exactly like the 1881 Morgan dollar I made on August the 17th 2012. And, the photo's I took of it.

I was also alerted to my work being on his page under coin rings. As shown in this example. Bottom Right is mine. The two to the left are Spiritual Flyer's Morgan, and the coin smiths stack of state quarters. The rest I still I do not know. All the images in the photo above, minus bottom right morgan dollar coin ring are the work of others and I have no ownership of them. 

Wes Keenan has made nearly 4 thousand dollars using photo's of others work, including mine. And it needs to be stopped. Unfortunately cyber theft is common. And from here on out. I have to water mark all my work. And I suggest everyone do the same. 

To give an example. Here is the photos of that ring again. Showing some photos never shown before.
This is for legal purposes.


I am sorry this post had to be one about this rather than sharing help and tips. But this is the 3rd time now I have had to deal with this crap. And why I have been away from the internet. I keep all my work and projects close to the vest now after #2. And now, that this has happened. I have to button it up tight. Watermark every single photo I upload. And do once last final post. And end this blog.
    But, you are going to like what you see for my final post.
Remember, visit, or Spiritual FlyerUncommon Goods and Coin Smith, to buy a ring from the true ring makers.

-Ryan O'Shea

Mr O'Shea, 

I sent you the following messages via Kickstarter, but I also wanted to email them to you directly to make sure you received them so I am emailing them to you here. 

Message 1
Mr. O'Shea, 

I was not actually aware of your website until I received this message from you. After looking at it, it is clear that while the pics are accurately representative of the rings I offer, they did come from your web site. 

When I put this project together I lacked any way to take good close up pictures of my work and scoured the internet looking for good pics of rings representative of my work that were in what I believe to be "public domain". I found each the pics on several different web sites, none of which happened to be yours. Having been made aware of the issue I am taking the following steps this morning to rectify the situation

1. I will be removing all pictures of your work immediately. 

2. I will send a message to all backers explaining that did not own the rights to all of the pictures used and that I am withdrawing my project. 

3. I will ask Kickstarter to withdraw my project. I have no idea how long it takes them to do this, so in the mean time I will change all of the reward categories to "Sold Out" so there will be no more pledges. 

4. I have been contacted by two people who asked me if I could make a ring from coins they sent to me. I am going to ask them to wait until I re-launch my project with images that I own full intellectual rights to. 

I sincerely apologize for this issue and will do everything I can to rectify the situation. 

Thank you, 

Message 2


Mr. O'Shea, 

As of 8:36 East Coast time this morning, all of the actions outlined in the last message I sent to you have been fulfilled. I hope this moves toward rectifying the situation. 

I do plan on re-launching my project, but will only use images that I own 100% of the rights to. 


As you can see in the photo below, the only ring I can find he has made. The quality is nowhere near what he shared in his kickstarter. 

Keenan's actual work? He posted close up photo's just fine.....

   I want to make it clear, the only thing he is trying to rectify is not loosing the money he has banked using our images. His claim is that our rings are representative of his work....I guess that's subjective. And can't say yes or no to it. But. I can say, its not even close. But, only if those photo's are really even his. Once someone lies. Its hard to know. He also claims he has no camera to take close up photo's of his own work. However, he was doing just that on facebook. Which he publicly posted to his facebook before kickstart began. The dates are right there on the facebook as is the kickstart date.

You can't assume its public domain unless you can show some source online that declared them as such. The public domain is something specific and is generally regarded as anything produced before 1931, or anything that was originally created/published utilizing public funding or any work where the rights are specifically waived to the public domain such as photos on Wikipedia. The latter always has a licensing provision outlining the terms of use, with involves ACCREDITATION. 
(note that he ultimately admits to the infringement and has no legal leg to stand on because there was no reason to assume that the photo's were public domain )
So. He has removed his kick starter after I filed a DMCA and all photos from his facebook album which was work all done by others, including mine using images he pulled from our websites, except for the one and only ring he made from a quarter. IF he actually made it. As you can see. The quality is nowhere near what he shared in his kick starter fundraiser. Which he claims was to buy a camera to take close up photos of his work. Seems to me he has done so. And gone WAY past his 400$ goal for a camera. And has been letting it roll to nearly 4 thousand dollars. 

Some might be flattered by it. Im not. I get enough weasely emails from people that charm the pants off you to simply get information or what they want. (The people who do compliment my work and are sincere  about it is very flattering and its kept me going.) Truth is. Ever since I got back online with my work. Its been one headache after another. I am just burnt out on dealing with it. I want to get back to having fun doing what I do. And a big part of that is ending this blog. Which I plan to do. I have a great post written that I had planned to share. But I don't see the point right now. Maybe I am upset. Maybe I just don't care anymore. I'll wait a few days and see how I feel. Either way. If I post that final blog entry called "creation" or not.  I don't really want to have my last post be about this crap. So. I will post one more post. And it might just be a bumper sticker and a goodbye. And the end of my blog. I've always said I am internet shy, which is now a partial truth. As I have actually adapted to emails over phone calls.
Either way.
I'll be moving back to word of mouth sales as I have always done. But my website store will remain up and running. Classes will still be open. And the book will still be for sale. But never in digital form. I had given it serious consideration. But this was the straw that broke the poor tired ring makers back.