Friday, January 22, 2016

Happy New Year!

Quick update. As the year 2015 is behind me, so is the strict limit of 10 coin rings per year.
I desperately needed that year off to pursue other things. Which I did. And I am quite happy for doing. Now that we have been well launched in 2016. I am back at the hammer, and am more efficient than ever. I will be introducing new things as the year progresses as well I will again, be taking custom orders for coin rings.
I have up right now, custom orders for Morgan dollars, Half dollars and more. That can be found here at 

I doubt I will be using O'Shea Coin Rings this year as a web address. But if I do, it will again link to the blog.

I am keeping it handmade as I have since I started. There will be no use of fancy presses, dies or 1 minute made rings. I am sure you all know that by now, that I do everything by hand. So, just to reassure you, YES. They will continue to be made by hand.

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